the view from the top

Lyon is hills. By which I mean, two of the main areas of Lyon are built on hills: the vieux Lyon area with the Notre Dame de Fourviere Cathedral, and the centre Lyon area which is made up of Croix-Rousse (red cross + hospitals) and old, cobblestone, pedestrian only areas. I trapezed up to these two areas one day; read- I climbed a lot of stairs. But every now and then I looked back, and this is what I saw. Amazing.

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3 thoughts on “the view from the top

  1. Jill Zung says:

    Those photos are gorgeous! I’m glad you’re having an awesome time so far!

  2. M-fizzle says:

    WOOHOO LYON! bises a toi

  3. […] who has just returned from a year spent in Lyon, France, where she attended crêpe parties, hiked up the city’s hills and smelled the flowers by the Rhône. Her European travels took her to other parts of the country, […]

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