as pretty as a picture in rain or at dusk

Today reminded me a lot of this painting by Nicolas SICARD (1846-1920) displayed at the Musee des Beaux Arts.

Entree du Pont de la Guillotiere par un temps de pluie (1879)

In short, it rained quite a bit today, but rather sporadically and quite beautifully too. Right now it’s sunny again but who knows how long this short burst of light will last. What you see in the painting is a bridge that connects east Lyon to centre Lyon. This is the only photograph I took of a painting when I visited the museum last Saturday and I think that is because there is a lightness to the picture in the upper middle – even though it’s raining and grey, the sky seems a little bit lighter. I guess I always like to think that fair skies will return after some amount of rain.

There are so many images of the city that remind me of Sicard’s painting simply because of that small ray of light radiating across the bridge. In the past week I have witnessed the sunsets over Lyon city. Here are some of the images that I saw (click on the thumbnail images to enlarge).

A full moon the night of the midautumn festival

I like the lines of this picture

les "quais" du Rhone

Lights reflecting on the Rhone

Looking onto "Croix Rousse" - a district of Lyon sitting on a hill

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One thought on “as pretty as a picture in rain or at dusk

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