CHOKOGOU (pronouced choco-gout for the francophones)


Today I ate chocolate for lunch. Well, to say I simply ate chocolate would be a drastic understatement. Two of my neighbors and I decided to be adventurous this morning and head to the 4th annual “Salon du Chocolat” at the Lyon EuroExpo convention center. What is a Salon du Chocolat? MIT students/alums/friends, think back to the career fair that takes place in the gym every year. Now, take that image and transpose chocolate, goodies, candies, and bakers onto your mental image. Imagine people NOT wearing frigid suits, doing the awkward resume drops, and getting awkward mementos of all the companies vying for your attention. Instead-picture the same set up as the MIT Career Fair, but with chocolatiers vying for your attention by giving you samples of chocolate, macaroons, cakes, and handing you pink, purple, and red business cards.

Bienvenue a CHOKOGOU. Price of admission: 5 euros for students (7 general)



Choco CDs





It took us one whole hour and three methods of public transport, but when we arrived, I was in heaven.

Choco-dress, anyone?

Every booth had samples. All the samples were delicious. I tried lavender, thyme, and violet flavored chocolates and decided that I prefer my flowers in vases. I ate non-coconut macaroons and they are nothing like the chocolate-covered coconut macaroons I am so fond of – here I sampled vanilla, pistachio, coffee, raspberry, lemon, caramel, and mint macaroons and decided they were delicious. I ate strawberry flavored candies and watched them as they were being made. I ate dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces with and without nuts. I ate raisin/orange from the biggest cake I’ve ever seen in one piece. I saw ridiculously crafty chocolate-creations, anyone want to wear a dress made of chocolate (also spotted: a pink chocolate hat, a human head complete with crazy hair, and chocolate sculptures).

Talented 7 yr old!

I saw a 7 year old helping her parents at the fair (school’s out for a week for the children, hooray fall break). This girl was quite possibly the cutest little chocolate-lover ever. She took little pieces of praline chocolate and dropped them in a hot bucket of milk chocolate, rolled them around, picked them up, and dropped them into a box of powdered sugar. It was super cute. When asked, she said that she gets paid in kisses. Her father, pictured to her left,said that soon he’s going to be her apprentice. Really, how much more adorable does it get?

Now that’s my kind of fair.


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4 thoughts on “CHOKOGOU (pronouced choco-gout for the francophones)

  1. Jillian says:

    I should have flown to France just for this! And the chocolate dress is pretty amazing – if only it wouldn’t melt/get eaten if I wore it 😉

  2. M-fizzle says:

    coucou minh!

    Je voudrais du chocolat MAINTENANT. Chocolat me manque! Tu as de la chance, mon amie! Bien fait, comme toujours. Aussi, j’adore les macarons…trop. Est-ce que tu as du chocolat sur ton visage? Hihi, peut-etre tu manges mieux que moi, mais si j’etais la bas, mon visage serait ridicule!


  3. Melis says:

    It goes without saying that I would have killed to be there with you…. but I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I think I’ve had lavender chocolate before, and I’d agree with your assessment of it.

  4. dray moïse says:

    À quand le prochain salon

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