I live across from a bakery (+/- a few doors)

Three short stories from the past 7 days:

1. I walked to the bakery in a dress and pumps to buy a baguette around 6 pm one day last week. As I walked there and home I saw a ton of other people walking home with their baguettes (sometimes 2 or 3!). Most of the women were wearing pretty clothes and heels – weather was in the high 50s. I felt very French woman.

2. Saturday morning before I went to the open-air market I stopped by the bakery to get my one croissant, and the woman who was 3 places in front of me walked up to the counter and said nonchalantly, I’d like 17 croissants please. She cleared the house at 9:30 am.  Moral of the story: croissants are a precious commodity in France. If you want them, go early. (I ended up getting an apricot croissant pastry for those who are curious).

3. This morning I went to the bakery to buy a croissant and I spoke with the male baker. His wife is usually the one who sells the viennoiseries but they both know me by now. I spoke with the baker and told him how I just adored French pastries because of their high butter content. He laughed, and asked me if I had tried a pain aux raisins, which I had of course! Then he said, oh, no matter, and gave me a little pain aux raisins for free along with my big croissant and Minute Maid apple juice.

I love living across the street from this bakery. Om nom nom.

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One thought on “I live across from a bakery (+/- a few doors)

  1. M-fizzle says:

    1. I love how you are becoming a pretty french woman.
    3. I love how you have become a regular at the bakery across the street.
    2. And if I had ever tried an apricot croissant, I would probably love that too.

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