home of the brave

I was in DC over the weekend. While this is not usually a cause for a blog that mostly celebrates my travels (visiting one’s home is not usually considered travel in my book), I was able to do visit two noteworthy food establishments that deserve a mention for their popularity in the good ole capital: Georgetown Cupcakes and Ray’s Hell Burger. Disclaimer: These are not my photos. I did not have my camera, so these are pictures from google’s image search.

Isn't Georgetown just adorable?

Georgetown Cupcake is pretty self explanatory. Friday afternoon we were in DC taking care of some business, and I wanted to visit Georgetown. Specifically, I wanted to take a drive and a stroll down Gtown’s M Street (for the Bostonians, M Street is the DC equivalent of Newbury Street in terms of shopping). So as we were driving along, looking for parking, the sugar-and-sweets lover in me spotted Georgetown Cupcakes. Now, I had heard of Georgetown cupcakes through a cable television show that my old roommate, Karen, and I used to watch during the summer of 2010.  Basically the two sisters who own the place get hired to make these ridiculous designs by placing hundreds or thousands of cupcakes together and decorating them all skillfully. I remember being intrigued the first time we found this show (undoubtedly during one of our lazy weekend mornings).

Inside G-town Cupcakes

Well, there I was driving right by the cupcakery! Yes, I just made up that word because it’s not really a bakery if it only produces one type of goodie, right? We got a half-dozen cupcakes for three – allowing each person to sample two cakes! I tried the Lemon Blossom and the Red Velvet. I have to say, I like the Gtown Red Velvet better than the ones from Boston’s Sweet. The Lemon cupcake was a little dry for my liking but overall good. I certainly see why the line was out the door and a good 15-20 people were standing outside when we arrived. Cupcakes are totally the latest American dessert/snack fad. It’s a little like the French obsession with macaroons.

Obama and Biden viewing a menu

Sunday before my flight back to France we headed to Ray’s Hell Burger. How I came up with this idea, I am not quite sure. All I know is that I had a solid 3 hours before I needed to check in for my red-eye to London, and we were in need of our nightly nourishment. We were actually coasting along Rockville Pike at the time (with a bubble tea from Ten Ren in hand :p) when I suddenly remembered hearing about a burger joint that Obama had visited. Twice! He took Russian President Medvedev there earlier in the summer, and had also gone with Vice President Biden. Knowing that we had plenty of time before my flight, we headed down to Arlington to find a little burger restaurant called Ray’s Hell Burger! Well, the burgers were pretty good- 10 oz of beef that you can pretty much get with anything. We arrived around 5 pm and the place was already full! It certainly lived up to its reputation of filling up quickly regardless of the day. I couldn’t finish my burger and ended up eating only half of it, but it was tasty.

Come visit me one day when I am in DC. I’ll take you to both these places and we will chow down like Americans do. Because my heart bleeds red, blue, and white and there just ain’t nowhere like home.

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2 thoughts on “home of the brave

  1. Kam says:

    aww hope u had fun at home!

  2. M-fizzle says:

    macaroons >>> cupcakes

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