Air France

Something I’ve learned through my travels is that it is very possible to learn about a country’s culture by travelling that country’s specific airline. Perhaps this is a sentiment that only holds true for my adopted country of France, but for my business trip to the states this past week, I was blown away at the gourmet food that was served on Air France on both legs of my journey. Of course, the typical beverage services were offered so I will not mention the drink carts here, but I think the other stuff is worth at least a mention. Keep in mind that we were travelling ECONOMY class. I can only imagine what business or first would have been like. I hear it’s a full French meal that includes an amuse bouche.

LYS (lyon) — CDG (paris): early morning flight with petit déjeuner

  1. for breakfast, we were served our choice of a croissant, a pain au chocolat, or pain aux raisins.
  2. It was served with coffee, hot chocolate, or tea to dip in.

These pastries were not individually wrapped; instead, the flight attendant just offered us a box of pastries and told us to pick out what we wanted. I imagine this means that the pastries were freshly baked because all french people know that you can’t serve croissants that were baked over 24 hours beforehand.

CDG (paris) — BOS (boston): trans Atlantic flight with a déjeuner (lunch).

  1. we were given a MENU so we would know what we were eating.
  2. we started with an apératif of champagne
  3. the salad (entrée)was a coleslaw of cabbages and smoked salmon (saumon fumé)
  4. main course (plat) was our choice of a creamy chicken pasta or hachis parmentier (beef and mashed potato pie)
  5. of course, we were served our choice of white or red wine (or both!) and we were offered boxes of little french baguettes
  6. we also had a slice of camembert cheese also with bread if we so desired
  7. dessert was a tarte normandie – apple tart à la northeen France style
  8. we concluded the meal with a digestif, our choice of a poire william or cognac (or both!).

You see that bread and cheese and wine are integral to french culture if that is what they serve on their planes. I can’t wait to see what Air France is going to serve on my return flight from BOS to CDG this Sunday.

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One thought on “Air France

  1. M-fizzle says:

    Quite fitting. I approve of your conclusions. Here is an additional datapoint:
    American Airlines (first class) serves beer, warm nuts, and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. In economy class all you get is soda.

    If that’s not a tell-tale sign of the USA, I don’t know what is.

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