p-town, mass. (or, provincetown)

Saturday December 11- A perfect winter day in the tip of Massachusett’s famed Cape Cod and a brief reprise from a winter in France.

Imagine yourself, walking along this beach. It’s a sunny, high 40°s/low 50°s day with bright blue skies and few clouds in sight. Not your typical New England December day, but hey, if you’re offered a beautiful weathered day, you’ll take it without hesitation.

You’re wearing heels, stockings, and a winter dress. Not exactly your typical beach wear, so you decide to lose the heels and go practically barefoot.

The sand is a little cold, but you find yourself basking in the warmth of the sun on the top of your feet and the moisture hitting the base of your feet. Some grains of sand have managed to wedge themselves between your toes, but who cares?

Your memory is drawn to the first times you were here; it’s your third time in P-town. The first two times were in June and August 2010. You remember doing a sand dune tour, driving over seemingly endless dunes along the coast.

You look around and you find your colleagues enjoying the day as well; you’re the only American in a group of 4 and seeing the Atlantic from this side of the world is soothing to your traveling soul. You’re realizing that you’re more of a beach person than you thought, or maybe winter beaches are the right things for you.

There’s only a few other cars parked along the beach. You see some old couples walking their dogs. Or some other tourists (you can only tell because they have non MA license plates on their cars!). But for the most part, the beach is deserted.

After your soul calms down, you head over to the center of town. It’s certainly different in the winter, many shops and restaurants have closed down for the season. The parking lot is hardly full. You remember how beautiful and quaint this little town is.

All the rainbow flags are gone. Presumably they’re only hung across the main street during the summer time. But instead there’s now lots of pretty Christmas lights.

You duck into one of the only open pub/restaurants for a quick afternoon meal (the term ‘lunch’ doesn’t quite cut it when you’re eating your midday meal at 3:45 pm). You order fish&chips, just like you did the last time you were in Ptown.

By 4 pm, the sun is well on its way to setting. You stop by the old port again, and you’re astounded by the water’s tranquilty. There are no waves, just water mingling with sand. And you reflect, once more, on how coming here was just the thing for you to do on your day trip in the USA.

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One thought on “p-town, mass. (or, provincetown)

  1. M-fizzle says:

    Beatuiful, Minh.
    Reflective and full of peace.
    Great start to move on.


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