culture reflected through airplanes

I flew across the ocean again on Saturday- probably my last time before coming back to the States for good. I had a rather interesting set of flights; since I booked my tickets through a Star Alliance carrier, I ended up flying on two different airlines – Swiss Air and US Airways.

My first flight was a 7 am flight from Lyon to Zurich, operated by Swiss Air. I had high expectations since it was a European airline. When were still waiting to leave the gate to taxi to the runway, the flight attendants walked around offering everyone a piece of milk chocolate. Um, seriously? It was 6:50 am. I’m glad I took one since that was apparently the only food they would be giving us on the flight. Really? It was definitely a breakfast worthy flight. I’m very glad I stopped by the bakery in the Lyon airport to get my croissant, otherwise I would have been quite hungry off of a small piece of real Swiss milk chocolate.

We landed in Zurich and I was greeted with this scenery-mountains as far as you could see from the airport. The skies were a little cloudy, but oh, the blue was so bright.

Switzerland, you're such a beautiful tease, with your beautiful snow covered mountains.

The next leg of the trip was the big one, the one where I went back across the pond. This flight was operated by US Airways. I knew I should not have expected much from this flight, but I was still so disappointed when the beverage carts came around and they tried to charge 7 USD or 8 CHF (Swiss Franc) for a bottle of wine or beer. And during the snack service, after they passed around the free complimentary pretzel bag (how American!), they walked around with the real snack cart. This one had the pringles and the chips, all for the nice price of 3 USD or 4 CHF!  Lovely. Since when did people charge for food or drinks on a 9.5 hour flight around the world? I mean honestly.

Way to live up to the stereotypes of Switzerland and America, Swiss Air and US Airways. Now I’ll forever remember that Switzerland is all about chocolate and that America is too cheap to give free snacks and alcohol on transatlantic flights.

A plus.

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2 thoughts on “culture reflected through airplanes

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  2. Jillian says:

    I feel so special that I was sitting next to you when you wrote this 🙂 And so happy that my next transatlantic flight is with the wonderful Lufthansa!

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