boston, it’s been a while

It’s been a while since I spent significant time in Boston. People in France always ask me where I’m from, and I’m always torn. When I say that I went to university in Boston, MA, people always assume that my family is from there as well. It’s not very common for French people to go away for University-they usually tend to stay very close to home. I’m more proud of being from Washington, DC than I am about living in Boston for 4 years but for 4 days last week, I was in Boston again. And it felt like I was home.

So in short, this post is pretty much going to be a list of the people I saw and places I went and things I did. And shoutouts to those of you who read my blog 🙂 I don’t usually write this many specific details, but oh how I missed this city and the people who live here.

I arrived the night of Saturday the 8th. Originally, I was supposed to land in Boston at around 4:30 pm, but a freak snowstorm in Philadelphia caused havoc on the runways. Jillian was kind enough to let me stay at her place and pick me up from the airport (and, if I may shamelessly plug, reads my blog and comments!), all of which of course makes her a huge baller. She had picked up delicious Thai food, which I had missed so much! Merci, Jillian, you are simply a wonderful person.

My first homemade risotto!

Sunday Jillian and I met up with Alex Wright and Brandon for brunch at a restaurant in Brookline called, “The Fireplace.” They make delicious potato bread, great salads, and a butternut squash soup that is to die for. Jillian and I then went back to her home and watched one of my favorite chick flicks of all time- Two Week’s Notice with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. To end Sunday, I headed over to Inman Square to cook dinner with an avid chef named Bryan. He suggested lentil soup; I countered by asking if he had mushrooms. Because I was craving mushroom risotto. Not that I had ever made risotto before. We ended up making both the soup and the risotto. Lentils + carrots + tomatos and porcini and portabello mushrooms + fresh parsley + thyme + chicken stock, mmmm! What yumminess in my tummy.

Monday was my MIT day. I stopped by undergraduate admissions to see Matt McGann who informs me that I am getting old. I stopped by the FSILG office to see Lauren and Marlena and ended up at Flour with Jennifer and Cat, who is the newest addition to the team (thanks for picking up the tab, Marlena)! It was lovely to see you all. Then I saw Alex Wright, Emily Shao, and Katie Creasey, what a lovely few hours at couch crew just catching up. Then back to Jillian’s and in keeping with the Sandra Bullock theme, we ended up watching The Proposal. It was hilarious. Go watch it. Side note: it wasn’t as hilarious as All About Steve, which I saw en route to Philly, but that one was just stupidly hilarious.

Who let this guy out of kindergarten?

Tuesday night was a night of celebration. Bryan and I went to this relatively new bar in Boston called “Drink” down near the Children’s Museum at South Station. Located in a nondescript basement without a huge sign, drink’s claim to fame is that you don’t have to order anything if you don’t want to. You describe what you want, what you like, and what you don’t want. They make you a custom drink based on what you tell them using home-made juices and only seasonal produce. The bartenders are awesome at mixology. Bryan requested a “drink with egg whites” and got a “pisco sour,” made with a Brazilian brandy called…you guessed it, pisco. I told them I like sweet citrusy drinks and was given an “aviator.” The follow up to the aviator: a house-made ginger beer with monk’s rum.  AWESOME. If any of you are looking for a nice Boston bar that’s not the Roads scene and has more people dressed like us (see photo to the right), Drink is the place for you. I’m certainly going back there the next time I am in Boston, whenever that is.

Wednesday we woke up to a blanket of snow- what was it, 2 feet? That afternoon, Jillian showed me how to clear a car (I suck at it) and we headed south. More on that another day.

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3 thoughts on “boston, it’s been a while

  1. M-fizzle says:

    Dear American.
    I have only heard good things about this magical place called Drink.
    I will frequent the venue upon my next visit to Boston.
    Other American.
    Ps. I like how you talked all about Boston but nothing about your actual reason for flying across the globe.
    Pss. Perhaps your actual reason was to see people, and your secondary reason was the unmentioned.

  2. Jillian says:

    Thanks for the plug. Though I have to say, I was really expecting a whole post about ME 😉 Just kidding. It was wonderful seeing you.

  3. M-fizzle says:

    la neige a disparu… je pleure un peu

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