providence, you’re lovely

Disclaimer: none of these photos belong to me; I didn’t think to use my camera during most of my stay in the USA. So I am only posting these here to give you guys an idea of what I saw.

Last Wednesday night, New England was snowed on quite heavily. We’re talking blizzard-level snow storm here, what was it, a couple feet of snow all across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other such Northern states. Unfortunately, I had an important rendez-vous Thursday morning in Providence, RI that I couldn’t exactly bail on Wednesday (I also had a flight departing from the Providence airport Thursday night).

After watching some “Say Yes to the Dress,” Jillian and I shoveled her car out. (hah! betcha you didn’t think you’d get mentioned in TWO consecutive posts.) Well, what really happened was she showed me how to do it, and I tried to help. I did some useful things! I promise. We then headed south to Wrentham, MA, about 3 miles from the MA-RI border. I love being in America, because we can do things like eat blueberry pancakes for dinner and not have uppity French people look askance at us! Win.

By Thursday morning most of the snow had been cleared from the main highways, and Jillian again in her wicked awesomeness drove me down to Providence. Specifically, to a faculty club on this beautiful street.

Benefit Street. Now, imagine it with a lot more snow.

I spent most of Thursday along this lovely little street in the heart of Brown University’s undergraduate campus, and boy, do they have a beautiful hill 🙂 Drive down the hill (don’t walk when there’s ice and snow everywhere!) and you’ll be greeted with this little river running through the city. In the summertime, Providence hosts this series of events called “Waterfire” where they….light fires on the river. One day, I’ll go to that!

Isn’t this just so quaint? It’s almost like a tiny little version of Boston. Much much smaller than Boston, but still charming with its little intricacies around each corner.

I finished my day at the TF Green Airport in Warwick, RI. I arrived about 3 hours before my flight was scheduled to take off because I had anticipated a longer day, but we finished a lot earlier than I had thought. I figured that my logical destination was the friendly airport bar; after all, I was in a full suit and it was businessmen and women travel hour. So I treated myself to a nice Malibu and Coke, sat around being amused at all the beautifully dressed people, and finally, my airplane took off. And then it was time to go home.

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3 thoughts on “providence, you’re lovely

  1. M-fizzle says:

    et apres?

  2. Kam says:

    I love malibu! ❤

  3. Jillian says:

    Yay, a second post with me! And you did help with all that crazy snow. Certainly a lot more than the people paid to clear it out. I also love how the blueberry pancakes for dinner got a shout out – I’ll have to tell my mom 😉

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