dc, you’ll always have a special place in my heart

I touched down to DCA (Reagan International Airport, one of the three that serve the DC metropolitan area) the night of Thursday the 13th. I don’t generally fly to DCA, as I prefer IAD in Virginia or BWI in Maryland, but US Airways had a direct flight from Providence to Washington so I went there instead. Landing in DC at night makes my heart go all melty inside, because if the pilot is kind enough, you can see the Washington Monument, and the tops of the Jefferson and Lincoln monuments, and sometimes Capitol Hill as well. And for my expatriated heart, anything that screams America always a lovely and welcome sight.

Upon landing, I was whisked off by my parents – Hi Mom! Hi Dad! – and we immediately headed to an old favorite Chinese restaurant on the Maryland side of the border. But the next day, Friday, I spent almost entirely in the District. Fun fact: Did you know that the French Embassy is right across from the Georgetown Medical Center? And that if you drive down Reservoir Road just a little more you end up at the German Embassy? Awesome.

Marta and I met up Friday night – Hi M-fizz! Ooh, it was lovely seeing her, my most faithful blog commenter. And I always love being a semi-tourist in my “home” city. We went for Happy Hour drinks along M Street, the outdoor shopping area of Georgetown, then headed out to get food. The original restaurant we had planned to go to had a wait of about 2 and a half hours without reservations, so we decided to try again sometime this summer. I’m not so secretly glad we decided to find something else, because the restaurant we found was brand new, on Penn Ave, and served good ole homey food from New Orleans.

We found the Bayou.

Featuring live jazz, biscuits and New Orleans food like jambalaya and po boy sandwiches, the Bayou had just opened the week before we stumbled across it in our search for reasonably priced, delicious food in Georgetown – this is not an easy feat around M Street or the George Washington University. Mmmmm. Thumbs up for simple food, prepared well. Also thumbs up for a delighful evening, thanks Marta!

Saturday the folks and I went to the Vietnamese food heaven I mean center in Virginia, and lo and behold, we stumbled across Hanhan and Eric in the same restaurant as us! I hadn’t talked to them or told them that we’d be there, so the coincidence was just magical. We talked, we ate, and life was good.

Then it was back to Europe Sunday. But oh, what a great respite from French life and culture. I love you, DC. I’ll be back soon!

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