travel abroad vs. living abroad

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Something I’ve been musing for a while now is the difference between travel and living. The thing about doing an extended stay in another country for a pre-determined amount of time is that you’re not quite a tourist traveling from place to place, but you’re not quite a full blown expatriate who has decided to completely uproot forever. I’ve been struggling with this lately because I’ve been trying to find the balance between traveling Europe and living in Lyon. I occasionally feel like I should be out somewhere every weekend and traveling the continent, but at the same time, I need to enjoy my attempt at living la vie francaise and experience my adopted city.

So this past weekend was devoted to living and touring in Lyon (and some shopping, but that’ll be a topic for another post). The weather was unusually beautiful- mostly blue skies, sunshine, and mostly cloudless. I walked along the presqu’ile, I went up to Vieux Lyon, and I finally figured out what French people do on Sundays (the day of nothing being open). Every time I walked by something I hadn’t noticed before, I would grin. Even in the dead of winter, Lyon is still charming.

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what my favorite thing about Lyon was, and I wasn’t really sure. How could I tell her that it wasn’t just the two rivers running through Lyon, or the two hills that rise slowly over the city, or the food, or the architecture. It’s all of this, and more. It’s the feeling I get when I walk around and am still awed that I’m actually living here. In France. For 9 months.

I had an amazing weekend. I love Lyon. I can’t believe I forgot this for a while.

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2 thoughts on “travel abroad vs. living abroad

  1. M-fizzle says:

    C’est trop jolie, minhzie. En fait, tu n’aime pas Lyon. T’ADORE Lyon. Aujourd’hui tu te souviens l’importance de la vie dans le monde entier. Pas juste pour toi maintenant, mais pour toi toujours. Bisous parce que toi le meritez.

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