floats light up the night sky – Mardi Gras 2/3

Today is Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras! I’ll be celebrating tonight by eating my last batch of bugnes of the year. I’ll also be reliving my Carnaval filled weekend! To those of you who are reading this, go don some masks, put on your costumes and festive clothing, and go party!

The second event at Nice’s Carnaval was the Corso Illuminé, the Saturday night parade starting at 9 pm.  Yuri and I scoped out the event the night before the parade and we were amused to see the large banners surrounding the seated area.

Centered around Nice’s Place Massena and wrapping around the Albert 1er garden and along the Promenade des Anglais, this parade was about light.

I was particularly amused by the trio of lobsters walking by… I wonder if they should have been the King of the Med!

Floats ambled by while colorful lights flashed through the heart of downtown Nice. Light from the ferris wheel in the background added to the festivities…

Bonne fête à tous!

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One thought on “floats light up the night sky – Mardi Gras 2/3

  1. M-fizzle says:

    That is SOOO cool.
    What a great time to visit!
    Perhaps you’ll have to go to a different part of le Sud de France plus tard a voir les plages sans bcp de gens, etc et a trouver du sable lisse pour marcher. C’est tres jolie (comme Cannes).
    BCP DE LUMIERE! Quel plaisir!

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