happy april fool’s day!

I love when life transcends cultural bounds.

The first of April is a world celebrated holiday. In the USA we call it April Fool’s Day; in France it’s called le Poisson d’Avril. In France, children (or adults…!) tape paper fish to their friends’ backs and when the “fool” finds out, the prankster yells “Poisson d’Avril!”

Regardless of the name it’s called throughout the world, the first of April is the day where practical jokes reign supreme.

I decided to mess with my work hubby this year. My colleagues pitched in their ideas as well and in the end it was quite the group effort. Let’s see…

  1. We switched his keyboard and mouse connections into his computer.
  2. We unplugged his internet connection.
  3. We also covered his mouse bottom with a sticky note so it won’t work even if he plugs it in properly.
  4. We changed his chair settings (don’t worry, it’s not broken, it’s just offset).
  5. We covered his screen and keyboard with sticky notes.
  6. We left a sticky note that says, “tu m’as dit que jeudi est le jour de ménage…donc on l’a fait pour toi!” which translates to, “you told me that thursdays are cleaning days…so we did it for you.”
  7. We cleaned his desk. (read: we hid all his notebooks, his photos, and papers).

I’m told I need to watch my back because I might get fishes taped to it in retaliation… I’ll keep you updated!

What pranks and jokes happened in your life today?

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2 thoughts on “happy april fool’s day!

  1. M-fizzle says:

    so cute!! love it

  2. ET says:


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