L’escalier des Feuillants

It was a Sunday in early April when my friends and I went to Sunday brunch. While the brunch itself was not spectacular, the walk down from the Croix Rousse was memorable. It was remarkable because we found L’escalier des Feuillants (the Feuillant’s Staircase).

Well, that’s not quite true. One of my friends had found it a few weekends before and was excited to show us what he had discovered on a walk through Lyon!

Built between 1662 and 1664, the Feuillants’ staircase had a dual purpose, giving access to the upper stories of the Feuillants Monestary and the belltower of a church (now demolished) on the Petite Rue des Feuillants. It’s made entirely of limestone and rises around a central opening. I believe it’s made of 4 towers and is over 22 meters high.

This lovely staircase is located in the 1ère arrondissement of Lyon, just a little north of Hôtel de Ville. My compatriots and I were quite content that Sunday. It is certainly quite a find.

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