duck, duck, swan

Walk jog run bike work eat swim study homework sleep repeat.



It’s a game of duck, duck, goose swan at the Parc de Gerland, located in southern Lyon. The Parc de Gerland runs along the Rhône River. This park is one of those hidden gems of Lyon, known really only to the locals because it’s much further south from the typical Rhône attractions. Look around. Breathe. Marvel at the confluence, the place where the Rhône and Saône rivers meet. At this point, two become one and flow all the way down to la mer. All the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

Some like lakes, some like oceans. As for me, I prefer rivers. They’re constantly moving, flowing steadily to somewhere far away. But when I stand on the riverbanks or in the river itself, I feel grounded. Because it’s not that hard to be at peace in an ever fluctuating world.

If there’s anything I have learned from my year in France, it is to stop. and smell the flowers. I always told myself that it was the journey that counted and not so much the destination, but I never truly lived that philosophy. Now, I can’t get enough of these simple life pleasures.

These moments were altogether entirely too far and few between before. This won’t be the case in the future. I promise.

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11 thoughts on “duck, duck, swan

  1. I hear ya! I went to Metz this weekend and bronzed at the plan d’eau. Lyon looks beautiful!

  2. A J says:

    This place seems to be very nice. I love flowers too. What’s name of those pink flowers??

  3. M-fizzle says:

    makes me smile.

  4. Dakota says:

    Hope I come to Lyon one day, and if so, we have to catch up for coffee. Love these photos!

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