The Tapas of Madrid

Let’s talk tapas.

Tapas = appetizers, cold or warm, eaten in Spain. Eat a lot of them whild drinking, and you’ve got yourself a dinner and night out on the town.

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10 thoughts on “The Tapas of Madrid

  1. James says:

    I love this Minh!! I just got back from a night out in Salamanca’s best tapas street, one of these days I’ll have to put up a similar entry. I’m not usually a litterbug but man, being able to throw your napkins on the floor feels totally liberating! Hopefully I’ll be in Madrid in 10 days’ time…

    • minhzie says:

      Ooooh I can’t wait to see your Salamanca party entry! Yeah, the whole throwing trash thing on the floor thing really surprised me the first time I saw someone do that. Actually, what really surprised me is that throwing the napkins on the floor doesn’t seem to bother anybody! How long will you be spending in Madrid? my 3ish days were not enough….

      • James says:

        I’m thinking of going for the weekend, so that will be almost 3 days. The great thing is that there isn’t any pressure to see everything, there are a few things I’d like to do (like see a bullfight) but apart from that it will mostly be spent chilling out with friends.

  2. Jill says:


    take me with you when you go back?

  3. Oh My Goodness I had exactly the same experience. I had to leave at 7am, and Sol was still bussleing with people from the night before! And I loved hopping from tapas bar to tapas bar ! It made me think – why did I move to France again? hehe. Definitely would not see that in Paris. Loved this post! I felt like I was there.

    • minhzie says:

      I know! Spain and France are close, but they’re soo different. Another reason to love Europe – places are physically close together, but they’re so different!

  4. M-fizzle says:

    you are adorable!! so glad you had a great time and ate SO FREAKING WELL

    jealous? me? YES.

    also, cool blog format.

  5. […] at 9 pm. The differences intrigue you. But you don’t reflect too long. Because it’s tapas time. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

  6. […] pm: Start off your dinner/evening with a tapas bar. Then go to another. And another. Until you’re too full and tired to even think of eating […]

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