say goodbye

Goodbye parties are bittersweet. Bitter, in that the point of the party is to say farewell (à bientôt?). Sweet, in that you realize just how much you’ve grown. How fond you’ve become of your friends. How people can turn a decent experience into a great one. This particular party was full of sweet; the bitter part was postponed until the actual time of departure. But departure is still a little ways off so let’s pretend it doesn’t exist yet.

So this is the terrace of Sébastien’s apartment. It’s a calm, serene place. Would you believe that he lives in an apartment in the city?

We started the night with very special Kir Royales. Already special because they were made with three types of liquor: chataigne (chestnut), mandarine (mandarine orange), and mûre (blackberry), but even more special since the Crémant de Bourgogne came with me from Beaune.

Sébastien showed us around his terrace. One of his hobbies is gardening – can you tell? Who do you think has been teaching me all these flower and vegetable names all this time? There are purple petunias, ducks (!!) , and purple clématites (clematis). Petunias have a lovely scent. Not my favorite of all the flower scents, but certainly intoxicating as well.

There are also herbs! A little bit of coriander (cilantro) and basilic (basil) were picked to adorn our dinner plates.

And of course, the smell of mint always makes me happy. Rubbing my hands in mint leaves and smelling them afterwards always makes me sigh with pleasure.

There are still more plants. There is a brugmansia tree (blooms with orange pendulous bell flowers in the summer) with petunias growing in the same pot, a mandarine orange tree with pink petunias, and a eucalyptus tree.

But the coolest plant of them all was sitting right in front of me on the table. This is a mimosa pudica. Sometimes called the sensitive plant, its leaves fold up when touched! It’s a little bit like us humans in a way – poke and it’ll retreat. But not for long, it’ll always open up.

It even goes to sleep at night.

Ok, curiosity satisfied. Dinner time! Potatoes with pistachios, tomatoes with basil, spinach and pine nuts, and a codfish steak. All steamed and yummy.

We were all quite happy. In this photo below, we’re all laughing at something. But what? I haven’t the slightest clue. But it makes for a more natural photo, even if we are all super grinny.

Then I wandered back inside to say hello to the fishies. The blue one in the middle is Homer and the one on his right on top is Bart. Sébastien has a sense of humor.

There were also these red and blue fishes! They’re called Cardinalis fishes. They glow neon blue and are quite fun to look at.

It also happened to be Olivia’s birthday. And what do people get for their birthdays? A surprise!

A teapot and tea that starts off in the shape of a ball! We added some boiling water, lit the candles, and voilà! 15 minutes later there was a beautiful white tea flower in the teapot.

The sun finally set around 9:30 pm. By 10 pm it was dark outside.

A little while later, it was time to go home. To my little studio apartment in Lyon. In a few days, I’m going back to my real home.

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2 thoughts on “say goodbye

  1. What a lovely evening. Dinner looks fabulous! Ugh I hate saying goodbye 😦 Luckily I have a 9 month contract ! I loved your Lyon eats posts, I bookmarked them for if I ever make it to Lyon!

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