Beers in Bavaria

Once upon a time, I went to München in Bayern. We Americans have completely Americanized the name of this city. You might know it better as Munich in the state of Bavaria. You might also know that one doesn’t spend time in beautiful Munich without experiencing Bavaria’s beer culture.

The Bavarians take their beer seriously. Part of this beer culture involves sitting outside with friends/family when the weather is nice, eating, and drinking beer. This is the beautiful Chinesischer Turm beer garden in the heart of the Englischer Garten (one of the largest inner city parks in the world).

Yeah, it was like 11:30 in the morning. When you look at the picture below, what do you see? I can interpret this two ways. One, it’s ONLY 11:30 am on a Saturday morning – what on earth are these people doing? Or, you could be a true Bavarian andt hink, it’s 11:30 am on a Saturday morning – the weekend’s off to a good start, why aren’t all the tables packed?!

Beer sizes in Bavaria come in two sizes: a full liter or a half liter. In fact, I’m pretty sure this liter of beer was as big as my head. It may have been bigger.

Compared to their French neighbors, Germans eat a lot of meat. I had a mixed platter of duck, pork, and chicken, with a potato knodle and red cabbage sauerkraut. It was delicious. It’d been a long time since I’ve seen that much meat served at a restaurant. The prices are shockingly cheap as well- for 1.5 liters of beer, my dinner, and part of dessert, I paid 20 euros. And that included an additional 2 euro tip.

The dessert was pretty good, kind of a cross between an American pancake and a French crepe, but actually nothing like either of them. Unfortuately/fortunately, the thing about going out with people of a certain place is that they usually order while I eat. Thus, I have no idea what these pastries are – does anyone have an idea? They were soft, covered in powdered sugar, and served warm. You eat them by dipping them into the chilled applesauce on the side.

We stayed at this bar/restaurant for a while, and then we started hearing the sound of musicians playing, people singing along, and people dancing. The Germans I was with told me that there was some sort of bachelor/bachelorette party going on. Apparently this was supposed to explain the dancing on the tables.

Now, imagine, 10,000 people dancing on tables all at once. Then, let’s go get tickets to Oktoberfest?? PROUST!

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4 thoughts on “Beers in Bavaria

  1. Dakota says:

    Love these photos Minh. These people look like they’re having so much fun, and so do you. I heard Germany is cheaper than France. Is that so?

    I do love how though, in France the food is richer but you get smaller portions. So weigh gain isn’t as much so drastic lol.

    Have an amazing week 🙂 🙂 🙂 xx

  2. Dakota says:

    p.s The pagoda-esque scene, so cool.

  3. Jillian says:

    Sorry, been so long since I wrote. The pancake things are just like you described – ripped up pancakes. This is how Christoph explains them to me. I can find out the real name for you as well

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