Escape to Ain

Just when I thought things were winding down, they somehow seemed to pick right back up again. Since I came back from Munich two weekends ago, so much has happened.

I’ve been up to my ears in French paperwork. I’ve canceled my assurance d’habitation (housing insurance, required for all renters), stopped my EDF contract (water and electricity), and finalized my état des lieux de la sortie (leaving my apartment).

I no longer have an apartment in France.

I’m pretty sure my suitcases have more than 50 pounds of luggage in them. I just really hope that my wine and perfume bottles don’t break.

I’m staying with some French friends until I fly back to the USA.

And just when I thought my life was finally truly slowing down, it turns out that I’m going to a French countryside house in the mountains today and tomorrow. It’ll be me and the French family that was kind enough to adopt me for the Christmas of 2010. I am so excited; I’ve wanted to see the Lyonnais countryside ever since I realized how beautiful it is.

The rest of the stories from May will have to wait until I’m stateside again. This is the last blog post I will publish from Lyon and from France…at least for now. And since I know it’s rare for me to blog without any photos, here are some words that may inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me.

I sit in my room

imagine the future

sunlight falls on Paris…

Trafalgar’s fountain splash

on noon-warmed pigeons…

Gold dolphins leaping

thru Mediterranean rainbow

White smoke and steam in Andes

Asia’s rivers glittering…

– Allen Ginsberg

I’m sending you all my love.

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3 thoughts on “Escape to Ain

  1. Elizabeth says:

    It’s been SO, so great hearing about and seeing pictures of all your journeys! ❤

  2. M-fizzle says:

  3. Kam says:

    aww so you decided to go afterall! Have TONS of fun 🙂

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