Weekend à Hostiaz, pronounced Os-ti-ah

I’m going to spend the next few days telling you about my last few days in Europe. I think we’ll go in reverse chronological order….

Don’t ask me why the French pronounce Hostiaz “Os-ti-ah,” but somehow, they do. For my last 2 days in Europe, my friends invited me to their countryside house. Turns out, this was a countryside home, but in the mountains as well.

Their home was beautiful.

We arrived around lunch time and sat down to a meal of quenelles cooked in a bechamel white sauce and steak.

We took a walk after lunch. The building on the right is the back of my friends’ home.

Even on a cloudy, chillly day, the views of the mountains on the other side of valley were stunning.

I’ve never seen such charming houses before. Hostiaz has a yearround population of 53 people, plus or minus a few, but in the summer the population increases to about 80. Looking at this home made me want to stay here forever.

Many people had gardens in the backyard.

At 4:30 pm it was time to go buy fresh cows’ milk from the milk farm up the road.

These cows were being milked.

The calves were so adorable. And yes, it was THAT cold in early June. For some reason the temperatures had dropped to the 40s-50s and it felt like fall had come.

The sun was setting, so it was time to go make a crepes dinner with our fresh milk.

Yes, the crepes were delicious. Then, I went straight to bed.

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One thought on “Weekend à Hostiaz, pronounced Os-ti-ah

  1. A J says:

    What an amazing place it looks like. Hope you had great time.
    So are you back at US?? And I am back at India 🙂

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