The first stop: Durham, NC

It seems as if my last blog post was a bit hastily written. I was home for all of 3 days before we went off on a long weekend, and, uhm, my count should really be 6 weeks, 28 states, 6 national parks and 2 national monuments, and 4 state capitals. Well. All of those stories will be slowly be told as I sort through my 16 gb of photos.

Let’s start at the very beginning – a very good place to start.

On a hot and humid Thursday in June I got in my packed car and drove south to Durham, NC. I’ve got two good friends down there and when I was told I was invited, I jumped at the occasion to see them. Everyone, say hello to Tian and Andy.

So what did we do?

We ate well, we hung out, we mini-golfed (I was real bad at mini golf), and we had a great time. But the most picturesque thing we did was walk around the Duke Gardens on a hot Saturday morning. The Sarah P. Duke Gardens are a public space at Duke University with oodles and oodles of pretty scenary, flowers, and ducks.

This loblolly pine provided some much needed shade for a sticky Carolina day.

The flowers were really nice, even in June. These are the summer blooms, rather than the first blooms of April.

The ducks seemed to be happy there was a body of water nearby.

But wait! That’s not a duck! That’s a swan…with a read beak and a black head.

They are really quite pretty.

Thanks for the fun weekend, Andy and Tian!

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One thought on “The first stop: Durham, NC

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful! What cute swans 🙂

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