Cutesy Charleston, South Carolina

We continued to drive south and reached the southern belle city of Charleston, SC. I had been down there once before in January 2008 for a college trip, so it had been a while. We arrived pretty late in the afternoon and it was boiling hot down there! Now I’m from DC and I know my city was built on a swamp. It gets quite hot here (the forecast for the near future is all in the 90s) but the southern USA is hot and even stuffier than it is up here.

So we just drove around downtown and King Street, looked at the southern antebellum mansions near the harbor, and walked about a bit. We found this passageway; I particularly liked the quote near the gate.

The path leads to a courtyard/garden/church/cementary.

It was our first day in the “deep” south (sorry NC, you don’t make that cut in my book) and we were dying. Even a large Starbucks iced frappucino wasn’t making us feel better, so we decided to head for the one place where sunshine and heat are appreciated —

The beach!

I thought this message was quite apt.

Meanwhile, these kids wanted to sail off into the sunset. I kind of wanted to go with them, but I had places to go, things to see.

Maybe next time! This time, we were able to watch the sunset… not exactly over the ocean but still good enough.

So that was Charleston. Next up, its sister city….

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2 thoughts on “Cutesy Charleston, South Carolina

  1. I love Charleston based off a blog I read ( – she makes everything look sooo amazing! You’re right, it does seem to have that southern charm. Love the beach pics!

  2. M-fizzle says:

    OMG that beach is absolutely gorgeous!
    what a lovely trip

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