The Shenandoah Mountains

Let’s take a little break from our storytelling and flash forward a little closer to the present. We spontaneously went to the mountains this past weekend, turning my 5 week trip officially into a 6 week long trip. The first mountain range we visited was the Shenandoah.

There is a 105 mile Skyline Drive that runs 3000 ft above sea leavel, all along the mountain range. The thing about the Shenandoah National Park is that if you look down at the overlook points, you can see the Shenandoah Valley. There’s tons of wine being grown here, plenty of small towns, and lots to see off in the distance.

Prime tourist season is in the fall – particularly the month of October – when the leaves along Skyline Drive turn an incredible variety of colors. From deep orange to red to yellow to the beginning of browns, it’s a feast for the eyes. My parents took me here a few times when I was younger… there are photos to prove it!

But alas, here we are, in the middle of summer. There was a heatwave going through the East Coast this weekend so we essentially just drove through the park, stopping whenever we saw something interesting.

Whenever we got out of the car, we saw a ton of wildflowers! They were beautiful.

We climbed around some rocks.

When we stopped to get lunch, we saw these deer in the parking lot. I guess they were hungry too! We actually also saw a bear, but it ran away before we could capture it on film!

Can you believe that this mountain sanctuary is only approximately 70 miles from bustling Washington, DC?

I almost couldn’t believe it, either.

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4 thoughts on “The Shenandoah Mountains

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Your outfit is pretty. You must be such a skilled driver now! 🙂

  2. When I got sick of the city in college, I would go hiking in the Shenendoah with friends. I love it! I can’t believe you got that close to the deer! you look adorable by the way.

  3. M-fizzle says:

    OH MAN that is lovely. Also, I like how you got pics of the deer. Also, if you could draw a photo of the bear, I would appreciate it. This is too cool. What a nice place to visit! (boo heat wave)

  4. […] already told you about the Shenandoah Mountains, back in July. These mountains are only a 2-3 hour drive from Maryland where I live so we decided to come back […]

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