As sweet & sassy as a southern belle: Savannah, GA

Let’s continue our tour of the southern USA. After we visited Charleston, we headed further south to Savannah, GA. Situated on the Savannah River, Savannah has all you’d expect from a self-proclaimed Southern belle city – charm, quaintness, and lovely architecture.

Our first stop was to Forsyth Park. I was struck by the huge, must-be-100-years-old, stately oak trees lining this historic city. The branches stretched out over the roads and sidewalks, and were covered with Spanish moss. We were amazed at how people were exercising in the middle of the day in the park. It was incredibly humid and stuffy, but I imagine if you live here all year round, it musn’t be so bad.

In the middle of Forsyth Park we found the famous fountain. However, something was awfully strange about the fountain today- it was off! I was a bit sad as all the postcards of Savannah show this beautiful old fountain spewing water everywhere, but I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through those photos.

Savannah is also known for its wonderfully beautiful squares, all aligned in a city grid. The grid-like structure made my life that much easier in trying to find the squares.

These squares were surrounded by homes of the antebellum style. Aren’t these mansions so dreamy? I just imagine sitting on the porch during a hot summer day, sipping an iced lemonade…

Savannah’s ties to the past are evident in the amount of historical statues and monuments all over the city. Below are the memorials for the Spanish-American War and the Vietnam War. They fit in beautifully into the parks throughout the city.

If you’re driving south, I definitely recommend stopping in and visiting Savannah – if not for the reasons I’ve described here, then just for the shrimp&grits!

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One thought on “As sweet & sassy as a southern belle: Savannah, GA

  1. M-fizzle says:

    1. yum yum shrimp and grits
    2. i want a porch like that! so nice!

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