Drop me off in New Orleans

We arrived to New Orleans under cloudy skies. The bridge crossing over Lake Pontachatrain was intense; neither of us expected there to be such a huge bridge. We headed straight for the historic French quarter. It is certainly very colorful but it is old and gritty.

We were hot after a long drive to NOLA so we went to a classic New Orleans institution: Café du Monde.  They’ve been serving up iced or hot coffee and beignets for years now. We sat out in the open patio area and sipped our coffee under huge fans. It reminded me of my time in France. Du Monde is a must-visit cafe in New Orleans.

There was a jazz group playing outside the cafe, which wasn’t really a surprise!

We wandered around on foot a little bit and spotted this pretty Jackson Square with the Louisiana State Museum in the background. There were many horse-drawn carriages available for tourists to hire.

Once we finished the French Quarter, we hopped in the car and headed out to City Park. Apparently, City Park is the country’s 5th largest urban park – even bigger than New York’s Central Park. The trees were huge and stately, possibly more impressive than Savannah.

Of course there was a lot of Spanish moss on the trees.

City Park is home to the New Orleans Museum of Art. It has a fantastic sculpture garden in the gardens.

The collection was quite interesting. My favorite piece was the ladder holding up a window. Without any other support. Imagine the gravity calculations the sculptor had to do!

This piece of art below bends and moves with the changing of the wind.

We saw these swans swimming around – this was the first time I’ve seen a completely black swan!

City Park is so photogenic – and really, it’s only a park in name. It was much more of a swamp and wetland that has been only slightly tamed and manicured.

We liked the City Park so much that we stayed in New Orleans another day. After that, we continued west.

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3 thoughts on “Drop me off in New Orleans

  1. Amanda says:

    This looks amazing! I’ll definitely add it to the evergrowing list of places I want to go!

  2. Thanks for the magic carpet ride! Sigh, I wished I could vacation in New Orleans – it looks so charming.

  3. A J says:

    Reaaly liked City Park and Jackson Square. Keep sharing.

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