Howdy, Houston! Rice Edition

Once we crossed the border into Texas we made for the first big city on I-10: Houston! Houston is a huge, sprawling city surrounded by huge highways, but there’s plenty of charm and things to see. In our day in Houston, we visited Rice University, Bellaire Street (the Asian-town!) the Galleria shopping center, and finally Kemah Boardwalk. It took a lot of driving but we saw a ton.

Our first stop was Rice University. I know, I know, I’m done with my undergraduate degrees and I’m off to grad school in a few weeks, but I love doing the USA college tour! It’s never to late to wander a campus 😉

The arches along the buildings were really pretty. I loved the use of the red brick against the white/yellow cement.

This glass lunch pavillion was lovely. It reminded me of the famous Philip Johnson glass house.

We then went to the main library. I really liked the art they put there.

The library shelves were so pretty. I could sit in libraries for days on end, flipping through books and snuggling into the comfy chairs. Sometimes I think school libraries are going to be the last hurrah for print books.

Then we left the library and saw these funky little sculptures guarding the entrances to some of the buildings.

Yes. Rice has a really pretty campus.

Wouldn’t you say so too?


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One thought on “Howdy, Houston! Rice Edition

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, I would say so too 🙂

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