Howdy Houston! Let’s Play at Kemah Boardwalk

Located a mere 20 miles away from the bustling Houston metropolis is the gem of Kemah Boardwalk! It’s pretty much this amusement park with tons of family-oriented activities. From roller coaster rides for the children to restaurant choices for the grown ups, Kemah Boardwalk is a great choice for family fun. The boardwalk sits right over Galveston Bay (which eventually leads to the Gulf of Mexico).

I arrived just as the sun was making its nightly descent. Finding a parking spot was impossible. At first we thought that maybe Friday nights were just incredibly popular….

But as it turns out, each Friday night in June features a fireworks show! These shows continue until July 4th and are nice ways to celebrate Kemah and also the nation’s birthday.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for the fireworks show since we had to get to our hotel before it was too late. So instead, enjoy pictures of the pre-sunset at Kemah Boardwalk.

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