Austin: Home to the Texas State Capitol

Dear Readers, I have a secret to confess. I didn’t actually go to Austin, TX to eat (although I certainly did do plenty of that!). The real reason why I came to Austin was to visit the Texas State Capitol. Everything is larger in Texas, and that certainly holds true for the State Capitol! It’s bigger than the Nation’s Capitol in Washington, DC.

It is made of a beautiful pink granite.

Construction of this state capitol began on March 2, 1885, Texas Independence Day. The finished building was opened to the public on April 21, 1888 – just over 3 years later.  The government carried on, until a fire in February 1983 began in the Lieutenant Governor’s apartment in the building. Restoration then took place for 10 years until 1993. However, people had started to notice that the capitol was a little too small. So, they built a capitol extension, also completed durin 1993. So this is the building we see today in Austin.

The inside of the capitol is simply stunning. The set of photos below are of the rotunda and the main entrance to the rotunda. There’s a painting of the famous hero Davy Crockett (upper left) that I particularly liked. The rotunda is decorated with portraits of the Texas governors – the current governor is always hung in a certain spot, which means that whenever a new governor comes in, all the portraits have to be rotated up around the rotunda!

The Texas State Capitol is home to the Governor’s Office as well as to the Texas Legislature. Below is the chamber for the Senate.

And here is the Texas House of Representatives Chamber.

The amount of detail these people put into their capitol was great! Check out these doors.

Really? The door hinges have to be labeled with TEXAS CAPITOL? It’s a bit hard to forget where we are 😉

The Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals also have their homes here in Texas.


I was blown away by how beautiful this place is.

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One thought on “Austin: Home to the Texas State Capitol

  1. Wow! I had no idea that is was bigger than the Capitol in DC. I hate to say it, but “everything’s bigger in texas”. Can’t believe I just wrote that.

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