The Two Gems of San Antonio

After we finished up Austin, we drove south towards San Antonio. If this city’s name doesn’t ring a bell, think, “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!” San Antonio was where the Battle of the Alamo took place between Feb 23-March 6, 1836. This was a key event in the Texas Revolution – pretty much what happened was the Mexican troops killed all but two of the Texas defenders. The Texans, understandably, were upset. They wanted revenge so badly that they ended the revolution by defeating the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836.

So that’s why today, we remember the Alamo as the site of this famous battle. The Alamo was originally named Mission San Antonio de Valero and served as home to Christian missionaries and their Indian converts between 1724 and 1793. However, in 1793, the Alamo’s religious purpose was taken away as Spanish officials secularized San Antonio’s five missions.

This is the Alamo at night. It’s really impressive.

That is the first gem of San Antonio. The second is completely different – and also completely modern. We went to the Riverwalk.

According to the official website, the San Antonio River Walk is a public park open 365 days a year, filled with restaurants, hotels, bars, attractions, and more.  You can even take a boat ride/taxi around the river.

It was bustling out there!

We sat down to a late Italian dinner – I love summer and how much extra light we get each day compared to during the winter. This was the view from our table.

We had a great time in San Antonio. If we ever go back, it’ll be during the day time so we can go inside the famous Alamo!

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2 thoughts on “The Two Gems of San Antonio

  1. How pretty! San Antonion looks awesome!

  2. A J says:

    Riverwalk looks beautiful at night. Did you try boatride on riverwalk too??

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