Beware the rattlesnakes!

We continued west after we left San Antonio and made it to the Texas-New Mexico border the next day. We were greeted by this sign proclaiming that New Mexico is the land of enchantment.

We pulled over along the side of the highway at one of the “overlook” points. However, the first thing I noticed was a tiny little sign.

Beware the rattlesnakes! Cuidado! If I could have forgotten that I was driving through the desert, well, this was a solid reminder of exactly where I was – a place where water is scarce but boiling sunshine is a-plenty. I don’t know about you all but I’m more of a suburbs-city kind of girl…and the idea of rattlesnakes just lurking around creeps me out.

Ah well. The views were pretty nice though!

I couldn’t stand being out there too long though. It was so stuffy! So we headed back onto the highway and continued our trip….

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