Wildlife of Grand Canyon NP

As the sun set on our first day in the Grand Canyon National Park, we noticed these beautiful cacti. They were just beginning to bloom with orange flowers.

The cacti were bound by metal caging in order to protect their fragility. Thousands of people walk by these cacti everyday and it would be a shame if we accidentally damaged their growth.

 The next day when we came back we saw these beautiful yellow flowers blooming on some of the cacti! What a nice surprise.

To prove to you that we were still in the Grand Canyon, here’s a view of the canyon through some pine trees growing along the rim.

I happened to look up and see this bird’s silhouette against a pine tree. Can you spot the semi-hidden bird?

There were some trees with flowers that had whiskery things growing out of them!

Finally, my favorite plant is one that I sadly do not know the name of. It’s this tall, pointy, leafy plant that was just gorgeous. The photo of me is included to give you a perspective on just how tall this plant was… I loved it!

What’s the coolest kind of wildlife you’ve ever seen?

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2 thoughts on “Wildlife of Grand Canyon NP

  1. Gorgeous! I want to do a national park tour one of these days 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    I think that’s Agave, and I know that because tequila comes from it 😉

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