Kaibab Lake

The second day, instead of going through the desert route, we entered the Grand Canyon via the forest route.

We passed through the Kaibab National Forest and then found Kaibab Lake. The detour into the lake was completely worth it as we were amply rewarded with views of a small, absolutely idyllic little lake. We thought we would be the only ones there. Little did we know just how wrong we were.

Even at 9 am there were alreaday old men, young boys, and families already camped out at the lake. They were there to fish.

One little boy had just caught a bluegill fish as we arrived.  We walked onto the fishing pier and talked to the little boy’s friend.  This fellow lives in Phoenix but was born and raised in Flagstaff so he loves the area. He told me that there are 5 types of fish to catch here – catfish (at night), crawfish (up to 100-200 on a good day!), blue gill, trout, and bass. He was quite the knowledgable young man. Anyway, today was a slow day of fishing for his group so they might leave before noon – they’d been there since 6 am.

Doesn’t this place just make you want to grab a chair, put on your hat, and bring your fishing rods out to the lake?

It sure did for me.

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2 thoughts on “Kaibab Lake

  1. Mneme says:

    Wait have you ever actually gone fishing??

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