The Ocean Drive: Pacific Coast Highway 1

We next drove along the Pacific Coast Highway. As the name implies, this is a drive along the Pacific Ocean – on one side you have the beautiful largest ocean in the world and on the other side you have land. We did the south to north drive from Los Angeles towards San Francisco. The gorgeous views came up along the 100-150 mile drive from San Luis Obispo to Monterey. We hit this stretch right as the sun was beginning to set.

This highway is one of the most famous drives in the USA. Can you see why? Pacific Coast Highway 1 is one of my two favorite drives in the country (the other I’ll tell you more about another time). The first time I did it was barely in my teenage years, but it left such a mark on my memory that I had to come back. I had to make sure that it was as beautiful and as scenic as I had remembered.

I wonder what the Impressionist painters like Monet would have done with scenery like this.

This bird was perched on his piece of wood, watching the world sail or drive by.

I spotted this little fellow hiding on the other side of the fence. Anyone know what this guy is? A gerbil? A chipmunk?

Whatever he was, he came out to play!

He found his friend/mate/whatever! These two were adorable.

We then got back in the car and passed by cows grazing in rolling, luscious green pastures. Who would have thought there were farms along this highway?

As we swerved along the mountains going towards the sunset, we managed to snap some great views. This one was taken as the car was moving.

At our next stop, I fell in love with the waves and how they came into the shore. The timing was so perfect and created this ripple effect over the water.

Here’s a better quality photo of what the view was like.

I was so lucky to get so many wonderful sunsets during this road trip. The grandeur and enormity of the Pacific Ocean just made this particular sunset that much more beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “The Ocean Drive: Pacific Coast Highway 1

  1. Nancy Zheng says:

    That’s absolutely gorgeous. I def want to do this sometime. =)

  2. A J says:

    Shots of green pastures and pacific ocean are just breathtaking. Would like to visit here someday, keep sharing.

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