Monterey, CA

One of the more famous cities along the Pacific Coast Highway is Monterey. It’s most famous for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but since I’d already been there years ago we decided to skip it and just explore the city. (Plug for the aquarium- it’s the best I’ve seen besides the one in Baltimore, MD). We wandered down and found the Old Fishermen’s Wharf. There were tons of boats around.

Many people had already taken to the water to casts their nets and their fishing poles!

We saw this man holding a huge crab up for others to see. Apparently he had caught this spider crab just by pulling it out of the water.

The crab was just walking along under the pier, so the guy literally just hooked it and pulled it over. The crab put up a fight but eventually lost. The fishing guy said that he was going to try to cook it and eat it, but he didn’t know how it would taste.

We then took a stroll around Cannery Row, named so because they used to can sardines and other fish here. (It’s also where the aquarium is located). This is the view from the walk.

Look at all the seaweed just floating around!

I wanted to eat at this restaurant just for the view.

The obligatory wildflower shot.

We decided to take a little walk along the beautiful ocean front homes.

I could totally retire here.

But then we found my new favorite spot in Monterey- a Stanford owned land preserve. We peered through the fence and look what we found…

The harbor seals!! They were just laying along the beach or on the rocks, soaking in the sun! They were so freaking cool…and the perfect thing to end my day in Monterey with!

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One thought on “Monterey, CA

  1. Oh So pretty! I’ve only been to SanFran in CA. There are so many places to explore!

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