San Francisco to Berkeley, California

We left Monterey and drove over to San Francisco, famed for its liberalism and acceptance of…pretty much anything! We had been to San Francisco quite a few times before so this time we mostly drove around and soaked in the city’s environment. I loved this shot that my mother took of the SF City Hall- I think it represents so much of SF’s hills and trolley system.

This is what the city hall plaza looks like close up.

That was about all that I thought to photograph of San Francisco. Then we headed out to one of the USA’s most famous universities…

The University of California Berkeley!

We found the departments of Biochemistry and Psychology.

These purple flowers were everywhere; they were not just in front of buildings but also lining the sidewalks, etc.

This is me in front of Sather Tower, I believe it  was called.

Our final stop was the library. I have always loved books so libraries hold an extremely special spot in my heart. The Berkeley library did not disappoint- look at how gorgeous it was.

There was also this beautiful painting hanging in one of the rooms. Created in 1854 by an artist named Emanuel Leutze, it’s a painting of “Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth.” The battle at Monmouth was critical during the American revolution in June 1778. The American soldiers were in a state of defeat, until General Washington supposedly rode dramatically onto the scene, confronting the other General (Lee), dismissing him, and rallying the Americans to a counter-offensive.

Stop by UC Berkeley sometime – it’s sure to impress you with its charm.

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