the greatest airport idea

It’s been about two months since I’ve stepped foot on a plane. I’ve been a little nostalgic, to tell you the truth. The thing about traveling via planes is that there’s often a lot of down time that you have to plan for, even if you have no bags to check. It’s nearly impossible to predict traffic to and from the airport, hard to say how long security will take, and goodness knows how big of a terminal you’ll find yourself in!

I came across these images on a recent memory trip through my photo albums. You’ll never guess where I was, so I’ll just tell you. This is a courtyard in Barcelona’s airport. Yes, ladies and gents, there is an open space for passengers to sit once they’ve made it through security.  You can buy some ice cream from the Haagen Daaz, read your papers, or just bask in the Spanish sun.

For someone who didn’t get to go to the beach due to weather reasons during her time in Barcelona, being able to relax here for the 45 mintues before boarding was just wonderful.

I’m off to Munich today, write more later. a+!

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