Yosemite National Park

Today I am continuing my summer saga. After we left Berkeley, we headed a little more inland to visit Yosemite National Park. I had always heard that this place was gorgeous. People have raved about this place for decades- and now, I can see why.

We first noticed all the waterfalls.

Can you spot the waterfall in the photo below?

Below is Cascade Creek. It was just coming down one of the mountains we drove by.

We then descended into Yosemite Valley- well known for its meadows, mountain views, and free-flowing rivers.

You could see the waterfalls from down here. They almost blend in with the mountains.

I roamed around the meadows for a little.

I would love, love, love to just relax here and read a book, but alas, I had more of Yosemite to see.

Wouldn’t you just love to picnic here?

We then drove up to Glacier Point for views of Half Dome, one of Yosemite’s two most famous peaks. But before then, we spotted this group of people on the other side of the river.

Closer inspection revealed that this group was peacefully mediating in the valley, with river and waterfall views. I imagine that meditating somewhere like Yosemite would put a whole new meaning onto spirituality (at least for me).

One hour later, we arrived at Glacier Point. The view was, as predicted, stunning.

And there’s Half Dome (the pointy structure on the right side of the left image, below).

Another view of Half Dome and its neighbors.

We loved the view from way up here, but found that the entire world was up there! We headed back down to find El Capitan, another famed peak. Aha! There it was.

We noticed that there was snow on the ground, even in July.

Makes sense. We were at a pretty high altitude.

We admired it a bit, but the sun was setting and we had to continue on our way out of the park. Here were our last glimpses of idyllic Yosemite.

So relaxing. Can you see why I love the mountains?

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