Lake Tahoe

I hope you all are doing well during the holiday season! I’m finally at home for a brief 2-week respite from the hectic life of a graduate student and am taking advantage of some of my downtime to continue my story of the USA.

Let’s see, the last thing I told you about was Yosemite National Park. After we left the park, we headed to Lake Tahoe, the California/Nevada vacation spot that is popular not only in the summer, but also in the winter. Why is it so famed year round? Well, even in the middle of July it is possible to see the snow covered peaks- perfect for skiing.

But if you look down onto the largest alpine lake in North America, you see just how sparkling blue it really is in the middle of summer. Perfect for boat rides, water skiing, and hikes along Tahoe’s 71 mile shore.  Below is a picture of Emerald Bay.

I thought Lake Tahoe was so picturesque. Its max length is 22 miles, its max width is 12 miles, and it straddles the border between Nevada and Calfornia.

I stuck my feet in the lake to test the temperatures, and brrr! It was cold. Tahoe is located at a surface elevation of 6225 feet, meaning you still get frosty waters and can see snow at even higher elevations.

I found these birds hanging out as we lunched in Tahoe City, CA.

What a lovely lake.

I’ll be coming back one day for a longer stay.

Happy Holidays, wherever you are in the world!

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