The California State Capitol (and Governor’s Mansion)

After we left Lake Tahoe, we decided to pay Sacramento a visit. It was only a short drive from Tahoe to California’s capital, so we were in luck and arrived in time to go inside the fabulous California State Capitol. Look at it carefully. Doesn’t it remind you of the US Capitol in Washington, DC? It should, as the architecture of the California Capitol was based off that of the US Capitol!

Under the rotunda is a statue of Queen Isabella and Columbus commemorating her decision to finance a voyage to the US…which was then known simply as, “the New World.”

This building houses the state legislature as well as the offices of the governor. Below is a picture of the Senate Chambers.

There were bears all over the Capitol. It’s fitting that Berkeley’s 29 varsity athletic teams are referred to as California’s Golden Bears. I was amused by the bear below, standing in front of the Governor’s offices. I wouldn’t want to mess with this bear.

Lady Eureka was tiled on the floors near the office of the Secretary of State.

After we finished our tour, we went outside and found this oddly dressed man. I wonder what he was doing/why he was in this costume. He wouldn’t tell me, but instead he let me take a photo with him instead. I guess that’s all right, then.

We drove a few minutes around Sacramento and found the governor’s mansion! Isn’t it nice? I would love to live in an old, historic building like this.

The Governor’s Mansion was closed by the time we got there, so we headed back to the Capitol grounds. Behind the capitol is a nice park with gigantic trees, rose gardens, and war memorials. To put the trees into perspective, I’m trying my hardest to hug the tree you see below…. to no avail.

The place was full of these huge trees. I loved it!

There were also many war memorials, to showcase California’s contributions to the armed forces. I really liked these statues. I felt like they did a good job in their portrayal the struggles our soldiers underwent.

The emotions, too, were spot on.

The rose garden was a nice touch to the park.

It finally became dark and that was our cue to leave.

That’s California, folks! Coming up we head further north.

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