Sights along the drive

In today’s world, there are so many modes of transportation. Planes allow people to cross oceans and continents in mere hours. Boats let people sail around the world’s oceans, rivers, and lakes. Trains can transport people as well as goods in quick times. With all of these ways of getting around, why do people like me still do the old-fashioned road trip?

Because there are some things that can only be appreciated by driving. Because there’s something about feeling the wind in your hair while your windows are rolled down.

Take for instance, the Blue Star Memorial Highway in California. These highways are designated memorials that pay tribute to the American armed forces.

If we had flown across the country, we would have missed seeing this green lake, so green that the surrounding trees seemed brown and dark by comparison.

The green of the pine trees seems faded against the backdrop of a green lake.

Had we not driven, we would have missed this lone peak covered in snow.

Sometimes, the point of travel is not in the destination or the end point. It’s about the journey. The getting from one place to another. The sights, the smells, the process.

Above all, it’s about living in the moment. Appreciating the beauty of the world.

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