2011: A Reflection

One year ago, at this exact time, I was sitting in a house full of French adults and children. It was my very first New Year’s Eve abroad. We brought in 2011 with a bang, a 5+ hour long réveillon. It was scrumptous, it was extravagant, it was so different from anything I had ever done before. And although I was an ocean from all my family and friends, I felt something like home among those very dear friends. The year that followed was pretty phenomenal.

I continued my travel and culinary adventures around Europe. I even learned a few recipes.

I hosted some of my greatest American friends in my adopted city of Lyon, France.

I went on a 6 week long road trip with my mother around the United States.

I moved to Baltimore and matriculated to medical school. I passed all my courses first term and am so excited to continue along the journey of becoming a physician.

I’ve made some amazing friends. I’ve had to say a bientôt to some of them. But the memories of such good times will always be with me. I’ve maintained many of my old friendships but also learned to let some of them go when it became clear that they had run their course.

I learned a lot about science and life. I’ve also realized how much more there is for me to learn.

I read books again. I spent many whole days reading through a gripping novel, curled up in bed with a cup of tea and a book.

All things considered, 2011 was a very good year.

Happy New Year, everyone. May your 2012 be full of happiness, success, and good cheer.

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2 thoughts on “2011: A Reflection

  1. Awesome year! Bonne Année 🙂

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