Why I went to Bolivia

As many of you know, I am currently a medical student in the USA. This year, for the first time in I-can’t-even-remember-how-many-years, I had a 2 week long spring break. That’s right folks, two whole luxurious weeks. I found out that there was the opportunity to go on a medical mission trip to Montero, Bolivia, and before I could snap my fingers, I had decided to go.

The mission we were part of was the Highlands Bolivia Mission, run by a Dr. John Baumrucker of Highlands, NC, USA. He and his wife have gone to Bolivia every year for the past 16 years. They’ve worked with hospitals, built a foster home, and are generally good souls who want to help out.

The first day we were in Bolivia we were introduced to the 16 boys who live in the Hogar de Ninos – Home for Boys. These boys range in age from around 5-16 and they are some of the sweetest children I’ve ever met.

DSC00492 DSC00496 DSC00494 DSC00490

We also volunteered in some of Montero’s hospitals and clinic. Here are some shots of the Children’s Hospital. In the photo below, I’m in the NICU-equivalent.
DSC00510 DSC00511

The X-ray room.DSC00512

We also had the opportunity to visit some local schools as part of an education initiative to teach young children about TB.


The children couldn’t get enough of us. Or our cameras.DSC00517 DSC00518 DSC00521

It was awesome! The kids were so much fun and wanted to know what country I was from. The final image, below, is of Carla, me, and a medical intern, Dr. Rosa Maria. The kids loved her presentations on TB!DSC00523

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