Sucre, Bolivia’s Constitutional Capital

Bolivia is a very special country in that it has 2 capitals. One is La Paz, the seat of the government in Bolivia, and the other is the constitutional capital, Sucre, where Bolivia declared independence from Peru back in the early 1800’s. On our way back from the Salar de Uyuni, we passed through Sucre for the day. Sucre proudly proclaims itself to be the most beautiful city in Bolivia (true!) and also dubs itself “La Ciudad Blanca” — the white city. And indeed, the city is beautiful and white.

Here we are at the Chuquisaca Governorship in the main square of Sucre.

DSC00863 DSC00867 DSC00869 DSC00871 DSC00876 DSC00873 DSC00875 DSC00883 DSC00884 DSC00895 DSC00896

Then we went towards the Mercado Central — Central Market, but along the way we noticed these pristine white buildings. Sucre was truly a white city.
DSC00899 DSC00901

Aha! DSC00904Here we are at the market!

DSC00907 DSC00908 DSC00914 DSC00918

We finally headed to the Parque Bolivar, a park which is next to the Bolivian Supreme Court!DSC00924 DSC00933 DSC00948 DSC00949Have you ever been to Bolivia?


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