Dubai day 2

On our second day in Dubai, we went to the Gold Souk. It was this bazaar full of gold merchants. It was insane…it was streets upon streets of gold stores…and the gold was outrageous. so much of it. Yellow gold earrings and rings and dangly necklaces …and some of them were hardly “jewelry” but looked more like art that has been forced into a wearable piece!


On the street, there were merchants who kept asking us if we wanted to buy pashmina scarves, or Gucci bags. Well, Lauren and I were asked that. Carter, the boy in the group, was asked if he wanted to buy some watches. So he took one of them up on their offer to look, but then they started taking us down these back alleyways. We figured out that  it’s illegal to sell faux-Rolex’s or whatever, so they can’t sell the stuff on the street. They tried to take us up this elevator to the 3rd floor of some dude’s apt….hah, Lauren and I were like uh….no. We refuse to go up sketchy elevators… girls don’t do that shtuff, particularly not in foreign countries!  It was pretty hilarious though. Then they took us to the back back door of this shop, where the cheapest fake watches were like 150 dirham, which is like 40 dollars…not really that cheap. Carter smartly decided not to buy a fake-Rolex.


We found the largest golden ring in the world.


Pretty gold jewelry but it was expensive!

DSC00041 DSC00042

After exploring the gold souk, we took a safari drive out to the desert. The desert was awesome! We went on these land cruisers for about 45 minutes over the desert dunes… the desert was full of red sand. I hear Jordan has better red sand, but hey when in the UAE, enjoy the UAE desert!


Us with our amazing driver:




As part of the safari package, we got to go on a short camel ride.


Lauren and I rode on the same camel and are quite good at making the asian tourist sign.


After the camel ride we had a buffet dinner with chicken kabobs (and lamb for those who like lamb!) There was also a belly dance and a man doing a dance where he spun around for minutes on end.


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