European Year

I moved to France for an academic year. Below you will find the itinerary of my travels and the blog posts that correspond to each trip. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. I recommend you start with this letter to a college graduate.

————– 2010 ————–

What would you give to sail off?

SEP 9: Arrive to Lyon, France
OCT 2-3: Turin, Italy
OCT 9-10: Marseille, France
OCT 15-17: Paris, France (Eiffel Tower)
OCT 30: Lausanne, Switzerland
OCT 31: Bern, Switzerland
NOV 1: Geneva, Switzerland
NOV 10-14: Washington, DC, USA
NOV 25-26: Thanksgiving in Grenoble, France
NOV 27 : Dijon, France
NOV 28: Mulhouse, France (winter landscape)
DEC 4: Avignon, France
DEC 6-10: Boston, MA, USA
DEC 11: Provincetown, MA, USA
DEC 18: Strasbourg, France
DEC 19: Colmar, France
DEC 24: Christmas Celebration in Lyon, France

————– 2011 ————–

JAN 1: New Year’s Celebration in Gleizé, France
JAN 2: Epiphany Celebration in Lyon, France (galette des rois)
JAN 8-11: Boston, MA, USA
JAN 12: Providence, RI, USA
JAN 13-14: Washington, DC, USA
JAN 28-30: Paris, France (day 1, day 2)
FEB 2: Le Chandeleur in Lyon, France (day of Crêpes)
FEB 4-6: Corrençon-en-Vercors, France
FEB 14: Valentine’s Day in Lyon, France
FEB 18: Haarlem, Netherlands (bikes)
FEB 19-20: Amsterdam, Netherlands
MAR 4-6: Nice, France (Mardi Gras: Flower Battle, Night Parade, Day Parade)
MAR 8: Mardi Gras in Lyon, France (bugnes!)
MAR 11-13: Barcelona, Spain (Catalan Cuisine, Gaudi’s Barcelona, the coolest airport ever)
MAR 18-20: London, England (2008 trip, 2011 springtime, flowerbox, wine&cheese festival, English tea)
APR 2-3: Gliezé, France
APR 8-10: Amritaa and Lauren visit (picnics, murals, la confluence)
APR 15-18: Strasbourg, France (colza fields, chateau de Haut Koeningsbourg, walking from France to Germany)
APR 25: Annecy, France
APR 30: Beaune, France (les Hospices de Beaune, biking a wine route)
MAY 5-8: Madrid, Spain (tapas, day 1, day 2, day 3)
MAY 12-15: Jillian visits
MAY 20-22: Munich, Germany (beers in Bavaria)
MAY 27-30: Kam visits
JUN 2-3: Hostiaz, France (before the tripla falaise – the cliff)
JUN 4: Washington, DC, USA


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